Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pinecrest follow-up...

No more school, no more books...but just before that, looks like we sneaked in one more garden before school breaks for the summer.

The day started bright and early with a trip to the builder's dream land, Home Depot. I have to say myself, going down the lumber isle towards the cedar section is always a treat since it reminds me of home sweet home (Vancouver). In any case, several logs later AND a couple hundred pounds of compost later, I arrive in one piece at Pinecrest Elementary.

Greeted by the charismatics Karli and a few members of the EarthCare Environment Team, we got right to it. Not shy of a little hard work, these ladies ripped up the lawn, prepared the logs, and helped sledge hammer the garden beds into place.

Oh we managed to take a bit of time to goof around and take some pictures too.

Later that afternoon, Ms. Carson's class transplanted their bean and sunflower seedlings they had started a few weeks earlier. We also planted some fall vegetables in hopes for a harvest party come September.

Thanks for all your work kids!

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