Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Salad Days at Cairine Wilson

What a treat today to share the "vegetables of our labour" with students at Cairine Wilson Secondary School in Orleans! The salad days of June are upon us and students of Cairine Wilson's grade 11 biology and community living classes aren't wasting any time making a feast of their garden harvest.
Harvesting mustard greens and radishes for today's salad
Cairine Wilson School is among the newest partners of Growing Up Organic. When we started the garden together back in early April, Ms. Robin and Ms. Arnot were keen to have the garden be a chance for their two classes to combine their efforts and give them an opportunity to work together. Their garden has blossomed under this model, allowing students to learn as much from the garden as they are from their experience together - preparing a salad feast together today was no exception. 
Taste testing.....White Icicle Radishes and German Giants!
We gathered a huge harvest today - what a surprise! It seems like just yesterday we were planting tiny seeds in the ground! Radishes and lettuces were eager to be picked and savoured....Look at that bounty!

Working with students in the DDU at Cairine Wilson, and allowing them the opportunity to contribute in such a meaningful way to their school's community, as well as impact the bigger picture by practising organic principles, has been an exceptionally enriching experience.
Gathering for a well-earned meal
In the fall, students will return to see the results of their careful planning of a three sisters plot: where corn, squash and painted mountain corn are now slowly popping up. In the meantime, keep the salad coming! Thank you for the invitation to lunch Cairine Wilson, looking forward to the fall!
The three sisters plot...what will it look like in September?!

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  1. I'm wondering if the project continues over summer? Wouldn't it be better if it did (for those interested) and they could sell produce at a Farmer's Market and learn business skills as well? It might create the next generation of organic growers.