Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Herb Spiral at Heritage

Heritage Academy boasts a new Green Technologies class this year. The grade 10 class learned about Permaculture during the first week of school, and to culminate the lesson they built their own Permaculture Herb Spiral.

Their teacher Derek cleared out the area.

While the students unloaded bricks from the car. They decided to make a human chain to transport the bricks more easily.Many hands make light work. The spiral was finished in no time!

Bridgehead and Growing Up Organic came out to help (ie supervise!). We are happy with the end results!Next spring, the plan is to plant all perennial herbs in the spiral to have a low-maintenance, decorative and delicious garden by the school's side entrance.

This weekend at Feast of Fields, Stoneface Dolly's teamed up with Heritage Academy to create a delicious dish from the garden.


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