Friday, July 23, 2010

The Herb Spiral

This herb spiral was built at the SLOE Children's Garden on Main St. It was built with middle-school aged children as part of a 3 day food education program run by a Carleton University student.

The Herb Spiral is an easy to make Permaculture project. It maximizes space and creates ideal conditions for a variety of plants. Herbs that are planted at the bottom get shaded by the spiral walls and the higher plants. Herbs that need most sun are at the top of the spiral.

The spiral is built by layering straw, good composted manure, and lots of water. Over time, the straw will break down and give nutrients to the plants. It also makes lots of space for the roots.

For more information about herb spirals and a video of how to make your own, visit:

Feel free to stop by the Children's Garden to enjoy & participate in the project. Playgroups are held on Saturday mornings for young children and parents. More information visit

Butterfly Garden at the SLOE Children's Garden

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